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Get help for your eye emergency today. If you are experiencing any eye emergency, please contact our team for help. If we cannot provide treatment, we will help you find the right help you need.

If your emergency is happening outside of our regular office hours, please visit your nearest emergency room immediately.

Types of Emergencies

Physical trauma is any impact to your eye or surrounding area that may cause a black eye, swelling, bleeding, or pain.

Please place a cold compress over the area and contact a medical professional for help.

If your eyes are exposed to chemicals like bleach, vinegar, or battery acid, flush your eyes out for 15 minutes with cool, clean water and seek immediate medical attention.

Rips, tears, and punctures are severe emergencies that require immediate attention. In these situations, apply an eye shield to protect the injured area and go to your nearest emergency room.

Foriegn objects can include dust, dirt, wood, metal, or any other particle that can lodge itself in your eye. In these situations, avoid rubbing your eyes and try to remove the particle by blinking or flushing your eyes with cool, clean water. If your symptoms worsen, please seek medical assistance.

Some eye diseases can cause sudden eye pain, redness, flashes and floaters, or even vision loss. If you’re at risk of developing an eye disease and are experiencing these symptoms, please contact a medical professional for help.

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